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Minilingua is Northern Ireland leading language club for children. We pride ourselves of offering the most affordable, fun and high quality language classes around. With Minilingua, children discover a world of languages and cultures through structured activities, games, songs and crafts.

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In schools

Minilingua is successfully established in many schools across Northern Ireland. Hundreds of children enjoy discovering and learning languages each week with our proven and tested successful method.

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Out of schools

If Minilingua is not in a school near you, then you can join us in one of the community centres. Learning a language has never been so FUN with Minilingua…

Core Features



Children learn a new language through structured activities. The focus is very much on communication and speaking skills.



With Minilingua, children explore the culture through various activities, songs, DVDs. We bring languages alive to them to aid learning.


Languages are best learnt through fun games and activities. At Minilingua, we make languages a child’s play.


Learning while making plays a key role in our language clubs. Children reinforce what they have learnt through a number of craft projects.


Our emphasis is very much on enjoying every aspect of the language. Children enjoy learning a new language through play and our successful structured programme.


With our successful methodology, children start using their chosen language in a natural way which boost their confidence and skills.

What Our Customers Say…

“I would just like to thank Minilingua and especially Rym for the care and attention she has shown my daughters during their years at French lessons. I can honestly say they both really enjoy the classes. I would definitely recommend Minilingua to other parents as it is the best way to introduce a language to children through fun and games”



“A great club—well organized and delivered by a great and friendly teacher. My daughter is enjoying learning Spanish and I look forward to her continuing with Minilingua.” 



“My son really loved it and I loved it too!. We will certainly continue with Minilingua classes and will have no hesitation in recommending it to all our friends and family.”



“It is so important for children to be exposed to a second language. Minilingua offers the best solution to parents and schools: Professional service, interactive and fun programme and friendly teachers. Highly recommended.” 



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